Agricultural marketing promotion boosts farmers' income

July 14, 2021

In 2011, the Ministry of Agriculture paid close attention to the marketing and promotion of fresh agricultural products, vigorously expanded the overseas markets of agricultural products, actively responded to unexpected incidents of unsalable sales, and strengthened the construction of online sales promotion platforms, ensuring the stable and sufficient supply of “vegetable basket” products and achieving continuous income growth for farmers. Provides a strong guarantee.

"Golden Autumn" boosted the promotion of the exhibition marketing. This year, the Ministry of Agriculture planned and implemented the national "Golden Autumn Agricultural Products Fair" campaign, and promoted a major upgrade in marketing and promotion of agricultural products nationwide. As of the end of November, there were a total of 14,300 enterprises participating in the event, achieving a trade turnover of 132.215 billion yuan.

"Overseas promotions" help agricultural products go abroad. This year, the Ministry of Agriculture strongly supported the participation of domestic enterprises in more than 10 important international agricultural exhibitions organized by the United States, Japan, and Europe, and organized a total of 179 domestic enterprises to participate in the show, resulting in a transaction volume of 110 million U.S. dollars and an intent contract of 350 million U.S. dollars.

The "emergency promotion" helped the farmers solve their urgent problems. In view of the frequent occurrence of regional and seasonal slow-selling and selling difficulties in some agricultural products this year, the Ministry of Agriculture actively guided local agricultural departments to take full measures to respond to them and proactively introduced targeted policies and measures to help Hainan, Xinjiang, and other major producing areas to carry out marketing promotions. .

"Online promotion" realizes zero distance of information service. We will vigorously improve the "supply and demand for one stop" and "online exhibition hall" platform, and carry out in-depth online promotion services in response to sudden unsalable sales. At present, the "supply and demand of one stop" registered members has reached more than 380,000, and an average of 100,000 supply and demand information is released every year. "Online exhibition hall" has released more than 13,000 pieces of information about agro-industry promotion, more than 20,000 items of agricultural products, and more than 50 countries and regions.

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