10 ways to quit smoking!

October 27, 2021

A healthy body is the basis for better living, working, and learning for each of us. It is the first prerequisite for doing anything. Health needs an optimistic and cheerful life attitude, and health also comes from our daily good habits.

1. Eliminating nervousness: Is a stressful work situation the main cause of your smoking? If so, take all the smoking utensils around you and change the working environment and work procedures. Put some sugar-free chewing gum, fruit, juice and mineral water in the workplace, do several short breaks, go to outdoor sports, and exercise for a few minutes.

2, weight problems: weight loss after quitting often will increase significantly, generally increase 5-8 pounds. Smoking people will reduce the basic rate of metabolism of the human body after quitting smoking, and will eat more food to replace smoking. Therefore, the weight of a person who quit smoking increases a few kilograms in a short period of time, but it can be used to strengthen the body's physical activity to deal with body weight. Increase, because increasing the amount of exercise can speed up the metabolism. It is best to eat snacks without fat. In addition, drink plenty of water so that your stomach is not empty.

3, to strengthen smoking cessation awareness: a clear goal to change the working environment and smoking-related old habits, quitters will voluntarily think of no longer the determination to smoke. To have this awareness, that taste and smell will be better after a few days of smoking cessation.

4. Finding alternatives: One of the main tasks after quitting smoking is to find an alternative to non-smoking when you are tempted: Do some trick games so that the two hands are not idle and brush your teeth to create a kind of unwanted smoking in your mouth. The taste, or diversion through exciting conversation. If you like to smoke a cigarette after drinking coffee every morning, then you will drink coffee every morning.

5. Betting: Some people who have smoked in the past have had good experience of quitting smoking and betting. One of the effects is to openly quit smoking and win support from friends and colleagues.

6, less to participate in the party: just beginning to quit smoking to avoid being tempted by smoking. If a friend invites you to a very good party and everyone who attends the party to smoke, then at least quit smoking; at the beginning, you should refuse to participate in such parties until you feel that you are not smoking.

7. Swim, kick and steam bath: regular exercise can improve mood, talk about smoking, sports can calm nerves and consume calories.

8, throw away smoking appliances: ashtrays, lighters and cigarettes will stimulate quitters, they should all be thrown away.

9, divert attention: especially in the early stages of smoking cessation, spend more money to engage in some fun activities to divert smoking attention, do not spend the evening in front of the TV as usual, you can go massage, listen to the laser Record, surf the Internet, or talk with friends about the stock market.

10, stand up to the test of re-smoking: smoking cessation and smoking does not mean that smoking cessation failed, after taking a sip or a cigarette is not "everything is too late", but to carefully analyze the reasons for re-smoking, to avoid future reoffending.

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