December 14, 2019

The goldfish fermentation bed (what if the fermented mattress material gets wet) The moisture content of the fermented mattress material generally has specific requirements, such as the requirement of 60-65% of the fermentation bed of the goldfish, too little water is not good for the fermentatio

December 14, 2019

The first problem is that some farm households in the late phase of prevention and control are not controlled according to the prevention and control criteria for wheat bran, but are controlled after the wheat bran is covered with wheat ears. This will not only cause damage to wheat, but also prev

December 13, 2019

Golden Baby Algae Fertilizer (Effectively Improves Forage Yield and Quality) Forage is a rich green feed for cattle and sheep. Yield and quality have a direct impact on the source of feed and the profit of farmers. The long-term abuse of chemical fertilizers leads to soil compaction, barrenness a

December 11, 2019

Yangcheng Lake Green shrimp is a local traditional precious aquatic product in Kunshan City. It is highly favored by consumers. With the passage of time, the germplasm is degraded after close relatives are bred, and the breeding specifications are reduced, which affects the breeding efficiency of t

December 10, 2019

Gem Biogas Fermentation (Mast Fermentation is Best for Fermentation Aids) In the fermentation process, if the biogas is not well managed, it will produce various problems, such as slow gas production efficiency, insufficient gas production, or crusting, so the use of biogas fermentation auxiliari

December 10, 2019

First, the summer and autumn sowing vegetable cultivation. When the leek grows to 15 centimeters in height, the temperature rises and the rain increases. It is not suitable for the growth of leeks. Generally, no fertilizer is applied before the “Lieqiu” and watering must be controlled.

December 08, 2019

Three Gorges Qingfeng Mountain Black feather green shell layer chicken, also known as chicken, black chicken, black black chicken, is a natural black medicinal nourishing rare birds, precious and rare for our country's only surviving rare species. Its distinctive feature is "five black an