April 07, 2020

I. Symptoms Verticillium dahliae generally begin to develop after the fruit of the eggplant and fruit set in the initial stage of the disease, and enter the full fruit period, and the diseased plant increases dramatically. At the early stage of disease, it occurs on the middle and lower leaves of

April 07, 2020

Pull branches can be carried out in one year, with the best results in summer and autumn. The reason is that, compared with the branches in the autumn and spring, the branches do not germinate on the back. In summer and autumn, the branches are soft, the branches are not easy to split, and the nut

April 07, 2020

One, due to insecticides. There are many types of parasitic diseases in cattle and sheep, and some of them also cause co-infection. Before the use of the drug, the deworming drug should be selected according to the type of the infected parasite after confirming the diagnosis by checking its feces

April 03, 2020

The lack of postpartum milk in female rabbits has a great impact on enhancing the physique of pups and raising the survival rate of puppies. The following methods can make up for the lack of postpartum milk in female rabbits and have a better milking effect. The pumpkin was selected to be ripe red

April 01, 2020

Anti-dropping and fruit-dropping during daytime temperature is too high, exceeds 34°C, nighttime is higher than 20°C, or continuous high temperature at 40°C during the day lasts up to 4 hours. Style elongation is obviously higher than that of anther barrel, causing ovary to shrink, result

March 31, 2020

The dog is one of the earliest domesticated animals in the world. Dog meat is a high-protein, low-fat nutritional tonic. With the rapid economic development of our country, people's living standards have been continuously improved and improved, and the demand for dog meat is also increasing. T

March 30, 2020

June is the key month when many diseases begin to invade, gradually occur and aggravate, timely spraying of effective agents is the key measure to ensure the normal growth and development of grapes and increase economic efficiency. I. 68.75% DuPont “Ecopol” water dispersible granules