November 14, 2019

At present, the development of winter crops is the main focus of the regional crops work in our region. Due to the early start of cultivation, the large-scale production and industrialized operation of autumn and winter vegetable development has gradually taken shape. In order to ensure that the de

November 12, 2019

The vigorous development of fermented glutinous water feed catering industry has led to an increase in drowning in restaurants. The drowning water of the hotel is not only low in cost but also rich in nutrition and is a good feed for pigs. However, because of the large amount of spoilage and toxic

November 10, 2019

First, soaking seed germination temperature, moisture and oxygen are three conditions necessary for seed germination. Seed soaking before sowing, so that the seeds fully absorb water, and then the seeds in a suitable temperature and aeration conditions for germination, to meet the germination of se

November 09, 2019

1 The maintenance of pig houses in winter and the intrusion of thieves' winds into pig houses to attack pigs will cause colds, pneumonia and other diseases in pigs. Therefore, the piggery should be built on a high-drying, sunny side, and must be plugged to the north, west and east sides before

November 09, 2019

Nowadays, more and more oil brakes are used in agricultural vehicles. According to the problems found in the maintenance process, the following summary of the daily maintenance of the agricultural vehicle oil brake system for your reference. Brake fluid, many users often buy new cars until the veh

November 09, 2019

Using soybean straw as a culture material, the use of a combination of bag planting and wall planting to cultivate Pleurotus ostreatus can reduce costs and increase efficiency. Preparation of culture material: dry and moldless soybean straw was selected and crushed after sun exposure for 2-3 days

November 08, 2019

Weaning irrational farmer pigs have adopted a weaning method once more, and they are listed immediately after weaning. This has caused the pigs to have a mother-centered, co-habited, stable and comfortable living conditions suddenly changed, and it is difficult to adjust to increase weight. The num